Arctic Epoxy Flooring - Alaska's garage beautification experts
Extend the life of your garage floor with
one of Arctic Epoxy Floorings cutting
edge epoxy coatings. Arctic Epoxy
Flooring uses only top quality 100%
solids epoxies, polyureas and
polyurethanes. They are so easy to
clean while offering ultra-tough,
long-lasting protection against stains,
spills, studs and even snow machine
skies.Liquid Granite and Liquid
Terrazzo are the combination of Arctic
Epoxy Floorings two part epoxy resin
and epoxy chips. That creates a seamless finish that is chemical and stain resistant. It protects,strengthens and beautifies your floors.
Arctic Epoxy Floorings epoxy coatings are not just for your garage. They are also great for washrooms, kitchens, restaurants, showrooms and recreation rooms as well. An epoxy coating also enhances lighting
due to the beautiful shine of the top
coat which is specially designed for
high traffic areas. Available in hundreds of various base color and chip combinations. Unique to your own style and taste. Arctic Epoxy Floorings epoxy coatings typically cure within 24 to 48 hours. We also install custom cabinets, finish texture and paint in your garage and bathroom remodels.
Thanks for choosing Arctic Epoxy Flooring for your flooring needs!
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